Balasamajam & Youth

The objective of Balasamajam is to instill the principles of worship, study and nourishing living among every child in the Church aged between 4 and 16 years. Through Balasamajam all round development of personality of the children is accomplished as they are encouraged to present their talent individually and in group. These actions will develop in them a spiritual and moral life aiming the service for the society.

The Samajam is led by Secretary and they meet once in two months and review previous meetings details, arrange bible reading, songs, choir practice and talks on biblical topics.

SecretaryJacob Prasanth

Youth Association

Mr. Albin JoyAljin Varghese
Mr. Sanal JacobVarghese Kuriakose
Mr. Jinsu KuriakoseAida Pattasseril
Mr. Jacob John .P