Sunday School

Sunday school takes care of the spiritual development of the children by bringing them up in the knowledge and fellowship of Jesus Christ and His Church. Students are taught on the Holy Bible, from the story of the creation all the way to the second coming of Jesus Christ. Their syllabus also include Holy Qurbana, devotional songs, history of the Syrian Orthodox faith from it's origin to present day events. It makes the children strong in religion, history and the faith under the Leadership of our Vicar Fr. Manu Mathew.

The Sunday classes are for ages 4-17.

Classes 1 & 2 are at 9.30am and classes 3-10 are after the Holy Qurbana

HeadmistressMrs. Meena Joy
Associate HeadmistressMiss. Sneha Jacob
Teachers Class 1Dr. Leelamma  Elavathil
 Mrs. Avril Eldhose
 Miss. Rachel
Teachers Class 3Mrs. Binz Kanneth
 Miss. Elsa  Maria Anju
 Mr. Sanal Jacob
Teachers Class 4Miss. Sneha Jacob             
 Miss. Adia Pattasseril                  
 Mrs. Veecemol  
Teachers Class 5Mrs. Shoby Harish                     
 Mrs. Reeja Joy                      
 Miss. Jovane Aneesh          
Teachers Class 6Mrs. Rajeena Ramsaran
 Mrs. Ancy Peter 
 Mr.  Dan James   
Teachers Class 8Mr. Jacob John
 Mr. Atual Mathews
 Mrs. Priyanka Michael
 Mr. Albin Joy
Teachers Class 9Mrs. Meena Joy
 Mrs. Jiji Pattasseril
 Mrs. Deepthi Thomas