Marthamariyam Samajam

Martha Mariam Samajam is the spiritual organization of the church combining all the female members. The founders named it as "Martha Mariam Samajam" because it is a vibrant association of the women and depends on the intercession of Holy and Ever Virgin Saint Mary, the Mother of our Lord. Samajam initiate retreats and support the charity works led by the Church. In their gatherings, the Holy Bible is read, hymn songs, and devotional messages given, followed by any other general matters and closing prayers. Samajam elect and appoints the secretary, treasurer and committee members in the annual General Body meeting.

Marthamariyam Samajam

Vice President

Mrs. Jiji Pattasseril


Mrs. Binz Kanneth


Mrs. Ancy Peter

Committee Members

Mrs. Deepthi Nibu 


Mrs. Priyanka Michael